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Donna Curry

Soaring Heart Studio

Art for me is not simply putting paint to canvas.  It is the key component to my whole life:  what I choose to wear; how I feel music in my body; what I bring into my home through colors, textures and light; where my mind goes during meditation and dreams; the gardens I co-create with nature; the food I make for dinner; the people I share my life with.  These are all important parts of who I am and is often what influences the pieces I produce.

I strive to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences through the pieces I make, but often they lead me in a different direction from what I expected.  Sometimes they tell me their story so I've learned to become a good listener while I create.  In this way it becomes a private and intimate experience between art and artist.  If I can release control of the outcome, that is when the magic happens!

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